When you play make sure your inter connection is ready to fire up!!!! CODE DESCRIPTION PRICE STEAM65 50 Steam Points ₱67.00 STEAM130 100 Steam Points ₱134.00 STEAM325 250 Steam Points ₱329.00 STEAM645 500 Steam Points ₱645.00 STEAM1025 800 Steam Points ₱1025.00 STEAM1285 1000 Steam Points ₱1285.00


Sun Cellular Package 1: Choose you budget! CODE DESCRIPTION VALIDITY ₱RICE CTC10 Call n Text Combo 1Day ₱ 12.00 CTC20 Call n Text Combo 2Days ₱ 22.00 CTC30 Call n Text Combo 3Days ₱ 32.00 CTC50 Call n Text Combo 5Days ₱ 52.00 CTU25 Unli Call N Text 1Days ₱ 27.00 CTU30 Unli Call N […]


For Globe and Touch Mobile user dial *143# and choose your appropriate choice. LOAD VALIDITY PRICE ₱ 10-150 1 year if not used below 100regular load+ ₱2.00 Please ask for Assistance.


Hello there! Looking for a affordable loads? Check out here. Select your budget. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION VALIDITY PRICE( ₱) AT10 75SMS Allnet5MB 1Day ₱12.00 AT20 20Mins call toSmart/Tnt/SunUnlis SMS allnet15MB data 1Day ₱22.00 AS20 150MB Data, Free FacebookUnli All net SMS+20mins call to Smart TNT, and Sun 1day ₱ 22.00 UCT25 Unlicalls tosmart/tntUnli SMS to Smart/Tnt50SMS to all networks Unli FB, Fb […]


CHOOSE YOUR BUDGET PRODUCT DESCRIPTION VALIDITY PRICE( ₱) (5-100…) REGULAR Load 1YEAR (if not used) ₱100 below + ₱2 AS20 150MB Data, Free Facebook Unli All net SMS+20mins call to Smart TNT, and Sun 1day ₱ 22.00 AS30 300MB Data, Free Facebook, Unli Allnet SMS+ 30mins call to smart, tnt andsun 2Days ₱32.00 AS50 500MBFree […]

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Work done well, with a personal touch. That’s our commitment! Understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We’re here to help. We’re always happy to talk about how we can serve you best. Get in Touch +639064-884-016 +639207-124-435 Send Us […]

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